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Management Trainee at Avetium Consult

Management Trainee at Avetium Consult

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However, due to the numerous emails we’ve received from our site subscribers inquiring about the release date of the Management Trainee at Avetium Consult and the application process, it has become essential for us to address this matter.

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Management Trainee at Avetium Consult

Job Description

Avetium Consult operates as a company specializing in Business Process Outsourcing and Technology Solutions, legally incorporated within Nigeria. Our core objective revolves around enhancing the global competitiveness of businesses throughout Africa. We achieve this by focusing on refining processes, implementing contemporary and suitable technology, and fostering a proficient and highly motivated workforce.

Integral to our workforce strategy is the cultivation of emerging talents. This leads us to encourage recent graduates to submit applications for enrollment in our Management Trainee Program (MTP).

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The framework of our Management Trainee Program (MTP) has been meticulously crafted to furnish graduates with the prospect of acquiring an array of technical and non-technical skills. These skills are acquired through a combination of structured training sessions and invaluable hands-on experience, all facilitated by a world-renowned organization

Eligible Candidates

  • We are looking to recruit young, smart and committed individuals who are self-starters to join our Management Trainee Program.
  • If you are resourceful, versatile, analytical, assertive with a problem-solving mindset and interested in building a career in the Technology sector, then you are our ideal candidate.
  • Our ideal candidates must key into Avetium’s vision of being the foremost Business Process Outsourcing Provider in Nigeria and Africa


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from a reputable university or a Higher National Diploma from an accredited institution in Computer Science, Engineering, Marketing or related courses
  • Candidate must have completed the mandatory 1-year NYSC program.
  • Ability to work with basic computer applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) is essential.


What is the Avetium Management Trainee Program About?

Our Management Trainee Program is a 6-month intensive experience designed to provide a robust foundation for smart Graduates who desire to build careers in the technology space. The program combines on-the-job, classroom and soft skills training to equip participants with the tools and knowledge required to succeed in Avetium and the world at large An offer of full-time employment with Avetium is guaranteed for candidates who successfully scale through the Management Trainee Program. The successful candidates will be deployed to the following units: IT Application, Solution Delivery, Pre-Sales, Sales, and Customer Success.



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