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Pere BBNaija Biography, Net Worth.

Pere BBNaija

Pere BBNaija, also known as the General, stands out as possibly the most remarkable individual within the Big Brother Naija House. The latest piece on mytopscholarship.com is set to cast a well-deserved light on him. Pere’s attractive attributes and stylish physique have garnered him a substantial fanbase eagerly anticipating discovering everything there is to learn about him.

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Pere Bbnaija Profile

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Full Name Pere Egbi
Age 38 Years (2023)
Date of Birth  June 27, 1985
Sex Male
Nationality Nigerian
Place of Birth  Delta
Marital status Single
Occupation Realtor, Actor, Model, Nurse

Pere Egbi Bbnaija Biography And Education

Pere Egbi, widely recognized as Pere Egbi BBNaija, hails from Warri, Delta State. His upbringing was overseen by a single mother, and within his family, he holds the position of the eldest son among two siblings. Born on June 27, 1985, Pere Egbi BBNaija’s current age stands at 38 years(2023). His foundational education took place in his hometown of Warri, including both primary and secondary schooling. For his higher education, he continued in Warri, culminating in a university degree in Nursing. Presently, Pere Egbi BBNaija is a certified and accomplished nursing professional.

Pere Egbi Bbnaija Career

Pere Bbnaija in Military Uniform

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Pere Egbi BBNaija stands as an energetic individual who’s achieved triumph across diverse professions. Prior to his Nigerian ventures, he dedicated six years to the United States military. Presently, Pere excels in the realm of real estate development, a path that’s significantly enriched him. Moreover, he’s leveraging his appealing physique and handsome features, concurrently embracing roles in acting and modeling.

Pere Bbnaija Movies

Even though Pere Egbi BBNaija holds a part-time actor role, he has taken part in several movies, including the following:

  • Gem of the rainforest
  • Pound of flesh
  • Page 36
  • Nikki: A Hip Hop Love Story
  • Lonely Heart.
  • All that glitters
  • Dead President Society

Pere Egbi’s Strategy To Win Bbn Season 6: Shine Ya Eye

In the sixth season of Big Brother Naija, called “Shina Ya Eye,” all the contestants really want to win the big prize of 90 million NGN. One of the contestants, Pere Egbi BBNaija, also wants to win and has a plan. He wants to be friendly and get along with everyone in the Big Brother Naija house. He thinks if he builds good relationships with his fellow housemates, it will help him win. We’re pretty sure that smart Pere Egbi BBNaija has more tricks to surprise us while having fun in the house.

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Pere Egbi BBNaija sees himself as a peacemaker. He wants to stop fights and arguments among the housemates and keep the Big Brother Naija House peaceful.

Additionally, he wants to win over his housemates by being open and good at talking to people. He hopes that by being friendly and easy to talk to, he can get everyone on his side.

Top 10 Personal Facts You Must Know About Pere Egbi

  • Pere Egbi sees himself as one of the smartest guys in the Big Brother Naija house.
  • He’s a kind person who makes sure everyone is happy and included.
  • Pere Egbi BBNaija’s motto is “Treat others as you’d want to be treated.”
  • He enjoys getting along with his fellow housemates.
  • Pere Egbi BBNaija enjoys making people laugh with his jokes and seeing them happy.
  • He avoids conflicts and wouldn’t fight over food or girls in the house.
  • He believes in the idea that change is a constant part of life and describes himself as adventurous.
  • Pere Egbi BBNaija is drawn to valuable things and is motivated by his past experiences.
  • His hobbies include dancing, playing games, writing, going out to bars, and water rafting.
  • Pere Egbi BBNaija is understanding and hopes to use his own experiences with pain to help others heal.

Pere Egbi Bbnaija Net Worth


Pere from BBNaija has achieved success and financial comfort in his profession as a nurse in the United States. Now, he’s working as a real estate agent in Nigeria. His net worth is guessed to be around $50,000 to $75,000.

Pere Egbi Relationship

Pere Egbi from BBNaija is currently not in a relationship, but he hasn’t told us whether he’s dating anyone right now.

Pere Egbi Bbnaija Cars

Pere Bbnaija Cars

  • IVM Innoson caris

Only five days left until the Big Brother Naija reality show wraps up, and Pere, one of the Shine Ya Eye housemates, snagged a shiny new IVM car. Biggie made the announcement right after the Innoson car task wrapped up, a challenge that had six of the last remaining housemates in the mix.

Pere came out on top, thanks to his speedy skills in the Iron Fisher challenge, securing himself a spanking new car as soon as the show ends.

  • Lexus LX

Where does Pere Egbi Bbnaija Live

Pere from BBNaija resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pere Egbi Bbnaija Social Media Handle

Pere from BBNaija is rocking social media! His Instagram is blowing up with tons of new followers, and his fan crew keeps getting bigger. Right now, he’s got a whopping 789K+ followers on Instagram. If you wanna join the party, find him on Instagram at @pereegbiofficial.

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