Home BLOG Take Hornbacher’s Online Survey at www. Tellhornbachers.com – Win $100 Gift Card.

Take Hornbacher’s Online Survey at www. Tellhornbachers.com – Win $100 Gift Card.

Hornbacher's Online Survey

Hornbacher’s Online Survey at www. Tellhornbachers.com

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Exciting updates await Hornbacher’s patrons! You have the opportunity to secure a $100 gift card by taking part in the Hornbacher’s Online Survey $100 Weekly Grocery Sweepstakes competition.

The Hornbacher’s Survey is designed to be concise and straightforward. It requires only a brief amount of your time and, in return, presents each survey participant with a chance to win a $100 weekly grocery voucher.

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The Hornbacher’s Customer Opinion Survey revolves around your shopping experience. By answering a few questions, you’ll contribute valuable, authentic data about their services. Your insights will assist them in identifying areas for improvement, thereby enabling them to enhance their services based on your feedback and suggestions.

If participating in the Hornbacher’s Customer Feedback Survey captures your attention, we’re here to assist you. Provided below is a straightforward manual containing official regulations, prerequisites, and additional valuable information concerning the Hornbacher’s Online Survey.

Why Conduct Tellhornbachers.com Online Survey

The Hornbacher’s Guest Satisfaction Survey aims to gather clients’ responses to survey questions, which are then analyzed to understand their preferences and dislikes about Hornbacher’s. The survey also seeks to gauge their emotions and identify any potential complaints related to the service they have received.

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Below, you’ll find valuable information regarding the Hornbacher’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Survey Website: https://www.Tellhornbachers.us/
Survey Name: Hornbacher’s Satisfaction Survey
Survey Prize: Win a $100 Gift Card
Entry Type: By Online, phone and mail-in entry
Entry Limit: One Prize Per Household
Age Limit: 18 & More
Duration: Every month first calendar day to the end calendar day
Entries: 1/receipt
Purchase Required?: NO

What are the prizes offered in the TellHornbacher’s Survey Sweepstakes?

Opportunity to Win $100 Gift Card Weekly.

TellHornbacher’s Survey Rules and Regulations

  • Making a purchase is not required.
  • Only individuals who are permanent residents of the US can participate in this prize draw.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Each qualifying survey response permits a single entry.
  • The selection of the winner will be entirely random.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred to others.
  • There is no option to receive the prize’s value in cash.
  • Availability of the prize is not guaranteed.
  • The winner is responsible for any associated charges.
  • A valid phone number and email address are required.
  • Individuals employed by Hornbacher’s are excluded from entering the prize draw.

Requirements for Hornbachers Online Survey.

  • Receipt from the Hornbacher’s store.
  • Fundamental understanding of either English or Spanish.
  • Either a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Reliable internet connection.

How To Do Hornbacher’s Survey at www.Tellhornbachers.com?

  • Visit Hornbacher’s official survey website at www.Tellhornbachers.com.
  • Familiarize yourself with the contest regulations, terms, and past champions.
  • Input the store ID, your date of visit, visit timing, and the incentive number.
  • Once all details are provided, select the START button to commence

Hornbachers Survey

  • Commence responding to inquiries regarding your most recent encounter.
  • Choose the sections of the shop you explored.

Hornbachers Survey

  • Provide your assessment of your overall Hornbacher’s experience using the provided choices.
  • Respond thoughtfully to all inquiries in the Hornbacher’s Survey.
  • Indicate your gender and age.
  • Finally, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Hornbacher’s Survey Sweepstakes.


Choose the option labeled YES and provide your name, email address, and phone number.

  • Afterward, click on the NEXT button to finalize the Hornbacher’s Feedback Survey.
  • When you’ve finished, you’ll be granted a complimentary entry into the sweepstakes, offering you an opportunity to be one of the 52 winners of a $100 gift card.


Hornbacher’s Feedback Survey By Phone

You also have the option to participate in the Hornbacher survey via telephone. Just adhere to the steps provided below:

  • Call (866) 476-1381. • Upon connecting, finalize the automated feedback survey.
  • Provide confirmation of your purchase.
  • Following the survey completion, you will be entered for a chance to win $100.

How To Enter For Free Without Making A Purchase

In order to participate in the sweepstakes without buying anything at a Hornbacher’s store or filling out the survey, you can follow these steps:

  • Write your name, full address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, and date of birth on a 3″ x 5″ card by hand.
  • Place the card in an envelope and send it to the following address:

“Hornbacher’s $100 Weekly Grocery Sweepstakes – Free Entry”, c/o The Feedback Group, P.O. Box 776, East Northport, NY 11731.”

  • Mailed entries must be postmarked and received by drawing dates.
  • Each envelope is considered one entry.
  • No mechanical reproductions will be accepted.

Hornbacher’s $100 Weekly Grocery Sweepstakes Winners

The company selects one lucky wither from all eligible entires during each weekly contest. Each winner will receive $100 in Hornbacher’s gift card to enjoy free groceries. Terms and conditions for won gift cards apply.

Hornbacher’s Customer Service and Contact Details

Contact Page: www.hornbachers.com/NEW/contact-us
Phone Number: 1-844-262-6767
Hornbacher’s Rewards toll-free helpline – 1-844-262-6767


By participating in Hornbacher’s Guest Feedback Survey at www.Tellhornbachers.com, you have the opportunity to secure a $100 victory. Provide your candid opinions within the Hornbacher’s $100 Weekly Grocery Sweepstakes to contribute towards their enhancement efforts. If you possess insights to share about the retailer, make them impactful by expressing them on the Tellhornbacher’s website. Seize the chance to win $100 every week by utilizing your receipt.

The Tell Hornbachers survey is a weekly occurrence, ensuring a continuous opportunity for victory. For any additional inquiries, feel free to drop a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Hornbacher’s Online Survey and Gift Card Giveaway

1. What is the Hornbacher’s Online Survey at www.Tellhornbachers.com?

The Hornbacher’s Online Survey is a feedback platform provided by Hornbacher’s stores, where customers can share their shopping experience and opinions about the store’s products and services.

2. How can I access the Hornbacher’s Online Survey?

You can access the survey by visiting the official website: www.Tellhornbachers.com. The website provides clear instructions on how to participate.

3. Who is eligible to take the survey?

Individuals who are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years of age or older are eligible to take the survey.

4. What are the rewards for taking the Hornbacher’s Online Survey?

By participating in the survey, you have a chance to win a $100 Gift Card, which can be used at Hornbacher’s stores.

5. How do I enter the survey’s gift card giveaway?

After completing the survey, you will be entered into the gift card giveaway automatically. Make sure to provide accurate contact information to be eligible.

6. Is a purchase necessary to participate in the survey and gift card giveaway?

No, a purchase is not necessary. You can enter the survey and gift card giveaway without making a purchase.

7. Can I take the survey multiple times for more chances to win?

Each participant is limited to one entry per receipt and per email address for each entry period. Taking the survey multiple times will not increase your chances of winning.

8. How are winners selected for the $100 Gift Card?

Winners are selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries. The drawing is conducted after each entry period.

9. How will I be notified if I win the gift card?

Winners will be notified through the contact information they provided during the survey. It’s important to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

10. How can I use the $100 Gift Card if I win?

The $100 Gift Card can be used for purchases at any Hornbacher’s store. Please refer to the terms and conditions for specific details.

11. How long is the survey available and when will the winners be announced?

The survey period and winner announcement dates are typically mentioned on the survey website. Make sure to check the website for the latest information.

12. Is my feedback in the survey confidential?

Yes, your feedback is treated confidentially. Your responses are used for research purposes and to improve the store’s services.

13. Where can I find the official rules for the survey and gift card giveaway?

You can usually find the official rules, terms, and conditions on the survey website (www.Tellhornbachers.com) or by contacting Hornbacher’s customer service.

14. Can I participate in the survey if I am an employee of Hornbacher’s or affiliated with the company?

No, employees and their immediate family members are usually not eligible to participate in the survey or the gift card giveaway to maintain fairness.

15. What kind of questions can I expect in the survey?

The survey generally asks about your shopping experience, the quality of products, staff friendliness, store cleanliness, and more. It’s designed to gather your opinions to improve the store’s services.

16. Can I provide negative feedback in the survey?

Absolutely, the survey welcomes all kinds of feedback, both positive and negative. Your honest opinions help Hornbacher’s understand areas that need improvement.

17. How long does it take to complete the survey?

The time to complete the survey varies, but it typically takes around 5 to 10 minutes to finish the questionnaire.

18. Can I save my progress and complete the survey later?

Some survey platforms allow you to save your progress and continue later, but this information is typically provided on the survey website. Check the website for instructions.

19. What if I encounter technical issues while taking the survey?

If you experience technical difficulties, you can often find guidance on the survey website on how to address common issues. Additionally, there may be a customer service contact for support.

20. Can I transfer or exchange the $100 Gift Card for cash?

Generally, the $100 Gift Card is not transferable or exchangeable for cash. It’s intended to be used for purchases at Hornbacher’s stores.

21. Can I combine multiple gift cards for a single purchase?

Policies may vary, but it’s best to inquire at the store about the possibility of combining multiple gift cards for a single transaction.

22. Are there any restrictions on using the $100 Gift Card?

Certain restrictions may apply, such as not being able to use the gift card for certain products or services. Refer to the terms and conditions for specific details.

23. Is the survey available in multiple languages?

The availability of languages may vary. Typically, the survey website will indicate the languages in which the survey can be taken.

24. How often does Hornbacher’s conduct the survey and gift card giveaway?

Survey frequency may vary, and the giveaway periods are usually mentioned on the survey website or in promotional materials.

25. Can I provide additional feedback beyond the survey?

Yes, most companies encourage customers to provide feedback through various channels, such as customer service, social media, or official websites.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, make sure to refer to the survey website (www.Tellhornbachers.com) and any provided official rules or terms.

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