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Take Rite Aid Survey At WeCare.RiteAid.com – Win $1,000

Rite Aid Survey At WeCare.RiteAid.com

The online survey known as We Care Riteaid.com has been established by Rite Aid. This survey platform enables customers to share their feedback regarding their shopping encounters at Rite Aid. The primary goal of the We Care Rite Aid survey is to gain insights into customer satisfaction levels and pinpoint areas where enhancements are needed.

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Rite Aid Survey

By visiting wecare.riteaid.com, individuals can participate in the Rite Aid survey, which aids the company in comprehending both the positive aspects and areas for improvement in their offered services. The Rite Aid Receipt Survey is composed of uncomplicated inquiries aimed at gauging guests’ contentment with the store. To engage in the We Care Rite Aid Com Survey, customers can navigate to www.wecare.riteaid.com and input the provided Rite Aid survey code.


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Your authentic responses and feedback play a pivotal role in Rite Aid’s endeavors to refine its store environment, business operations, and overall customer interactions. As a token of appreciation for taking part in the Wecare.riteaid.com survey, participants also have the chance to enter a competition for the opportunity to win $1000 worth of Rite Aid gift cards.

Completing the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey will require only 3-5 minutes of your time for successful submission. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the survey rules and guidelines before participating in the survey on Wecare.Riteaid.com.

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Rite Aid Survey At WeCare.RiteAid.com Details

Here, you’ll find several crucial pieces of information regarding the Rite Aid Opinion Survey Sweepstakes.

Name of the Survey: Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey
Official survey website link: www.wecare.riteaid.com
Survey Prize: $1000 Rite Aid gift cards
Age for taking the survey: 18+
Language of the survey: English or Spanish
Citizenship: USA
Limitations of the Survey: 1 person only
Prize Transfer or Substitution: No

Rite Aid Store Survey Rewards

An opportunity to secure a $1000 gift card alongside one of ten $100 gift cards.

Upon participating in the riteaid.com store survey, you’ll be granted a complimentary entry into their monthly sweepstakes, offering a chance to secure either a $1,000 prize or one of ten $100 gift cards. The awarded prize is subject to relevant terms, conditions, and limitations. Refer to the section below for comprehensive details on the survey’s rules and regulations.

WeCare Rite Aid Survey

WeCare Rite Aid Eligibility Criteria

  • Participation is restricted to legal residents of the US or the District of Columbia.
  • Making a purchase is not necessary, except for entering online.
  • Individuals must be aged 18 or older.
  • The survey must be successfully conducted through the wecare.riteaid.com website.
  • Each receipt permits only a single entry.
  • Online surveys are limited to three entries per month, while mail-in entries have no specified limit.
  • The survey must be taken within 14 days of the purchase.
  • Only one survey per household per month is allowed.
  • Entries on behalf of third parties will not be accepted.
  • There is no cash alternative provided.
  • The prize cannot be substituted or transferred.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred to others.
  • Winners will be responsible for any applicable taxes.
  • Rite Aid employees and their immediate family members are ineligible to participate.

Rite Aid Feedback Survey Requirements

  • Ensure you possess your most recent receipt from Rite Aid.
  • Possess the capability to comprehend either English or Spanish.
  • Have both a computer and an active Internet connection at your disposal.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to recollect your previous encounter.

Steps to Take Rite Aid Survey at Wecare.Riteaid.com

By adhering to the provided guidelines, you have the opportunity to participate in the fortunate draw:

  • Access the Rite Aid survey platform at www.wecare.riteaid.com
  • Select your preferred survey language.
  • Begin by inputting the receipt code located on your sales receipt.
  • Click on the arrow icon to provide your feedback.

Rite Aid survey

  • Allow the questions to load on your screen.
  • Commence responding to inquiries regarding your most recent experience.
  • Assess your level of satisfaction concerning the store’s customer service, products, pricing, and other related aspects.
  • Provide earnest responses to all questions within the Rite Aid survey.
  • Upon completing the survey’s questionnaires, you will have the option to decide whether you wish to participate in the survey sweepstakes or choose to “skip.”
  • Opt to participate and furnish your contact details if you wish to enter. The decision to partake in the sweepstakes is entirely yours.
  • Review the accuracy of your information and submit your feedback.
  • In due course, you will receive a notification confirming your participation in the contest.
  • Subsequently, anticipate an announcement from the sweepstakes administrator regarding the winners.

Participate in the Rite Aid Store Survey Sweepstakes without making a purchase.

In case you made a purchase at Rite Aid, you’re eligible to participate in the Rite Aid Sweepstakes. The procedure is uncomplicated and outlined as follows: Record your full name, contact number, and email address on a 3″×5″ postcard, then send it through first-class mail to the following address:

Rite Aid “Voice of the Customer” Sweepstakes, PO Box 16440, Rochester, NY 14616.

Rite Aid Survey Winners

  • On a monthly basis, one fortunate recipient of the Grand Prize and ten recipients of the First Prize will be chosen through a random selection process.
  • The recipient of the Grand Prize will be awarded a gift card worth $1000, while the ten First Prize winners will each be granted $100.
  • The awarded prize is contingent upon relevant terms, conditions, and potential limitations.

Obtain the list of successful individuals from Rite Aid.

For obtaining a list of winners from Rite Aid Surveys, kindly send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the provided address:

Rite Aid “Voice of the Customer” Sweepstakes Winners List, PO Box 16350, Rochester,
NY 14616.

Rite Aid Store Customer Service

Contact Rite Aid Store at 1-800-748-3243 for general queries.
For general FAQs visit the Rite Store at https://www.riteaid.com/faq/general.
For wellness, FAQs visit https://www.riteaid.gom/faq/wellness-faqs.
To get more updates and news, visit rite aid stores at
•Rite Aid’s official page: https://www.riteaid.com/
• Rite Aid Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/riteaid.
• Rite Aid Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/riteaid/?hl=en.


Whenever you make a purchase at Rite Aid, make sure to keep your receipt so you can participate in the wecare.riteaid.com survey and share your feedback. By taking part in the Wecare Riteaid.com survey, you’re not only contributing to the company’s enhancements but also entering a chance to win prizes, including $1000 and 10 gift cards valued at $100 each. If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Take Rite Aid Survey & Win $1,000

1. What is the Rite Aid Survey at WeCare.RiteAid.com?

The Rite Aid Survey is an online platform where customers can share their feedback about their recent shopping experience at Rite Aid stores. By participating in the survey, you get a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize.

2. How can I participate in the Rite Aid Survey?

To participate, visit the official survey website at WeCare.RiteAid.com. You will need a recent purchase receipt from Rite Aid containing a survey invitation code.

3. Who is eligible to take the survey?

The survey is open to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old. Rite Aid employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.

4. What is the reward for taking the Rite Aid Survey?

By completing the survey, you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize.

5. How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey usually takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. The length may vary based on the number of questions and your responses.

6. Can I take the survey multiple times for more chances to win?

Each eligible person can enter the survey sweepstakes only once per receipt. However, you can enter again with a different receipt.

7. How are the winners selected for the $1,000 prize?

Winners are selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries received during the sweepstakes period. The drawing is usually held shortly after the sweepstakes period ends.

8. How will I be notified if I win the prize?

If you win, you will be contacted through the email address or phone number you provided during the survey. Make sure to double-check your contact information to ensure you can be reached.

9. Is purchase necessary to enter or win?

No purchase is necessary to enter or win the sweepstakes. You can also enter by mail without making a purchase. Refer to the official rules on the survey website for details.

10. How do I know the exact dates of the survey period and sweepstakes drawing?

The survey period and sweepstakes drawing dates will be mentioned in the official rules of the survey. You can find these details on the survey website or the official rules page.

11. Is my personal information safe when participating in the survey?

Yes, your privacy and personal information are protected. The survey collects data solely for research purposes and to contact winners. Your feedback and information will not be shared or used for marketing purposes without your consent.

12. Can I still participate if I don’t have an internet connection?

Currently, the Rite Aid Survey is available only online. You will need internet access to participate in the survey and enter the sweepstakes.

13. What if I have issues or questions during the survey?

If you encounter any technical issues or have questions about the survey, you can refer to the “Contact Us” section on the survey website for assistance.

Remember to review the official rules of the survey before participating to ensure a smooth experience and eligibility for the sweepstakes. Good luck!

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